Health Care Costs

Health care costs aren’t getting lower anytime soon but your employees expect great benefits all the same. What does this mean for small and mid-sized businesses like yours? For starters, a lot of frustration and stress. Cookie cutter health care plans don’t offer you the sort of customization you need to find better health care options for your employees while still keeping your costs down, year and year. That’s why we’ve built Allay — to help you better understand all the available options, nail down the one (or ones) that work for your company and your team, and to actually save money on health care. How about that?

The latest Kaiser Family Foundation survey reported that employers are spending $12,591 for family health care coverage (on average). That’s a whopping 54% increase in average health care cost since 2005. Meanwhile, The Congressional Budget Office projects that premiums for employer-provided family coverage will amount to $24,500 in 2025. The time to evaluate your benefits package is now.

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