Finally, employee management software you’ll want to use.

Automate the tedious tasks

Allay’s employee management system transforms tasks that previously took hours and multiple emails to complete into a breeze. Collect addresses and phone numbers, create document review reminders, and administer medical, dental, vision, and other benefits, all in one place.

Eliminate human error and ensure timely benefits enrollment

Don’t miss another deadline or face delays again. Allay’s smart software allows you to focus on the big picture tasks while we keep track of the details. Let our employee management system ease the pain of capturing data and keeping track of deadlines across many platforms and tools. Work from anywhere.

Get payroll support

Your job requires you to wear many hats and to switch gears often. It’s no wonder you don’t drink more coffee! Here’s something that will brighten your day: we can even help you find and administer a great payroll solution, or work with whatever vendor you’re already using.

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Employee on-boarding, tracking everyone's info, and benefits management has always been too time-consuming. With Allay it’s just done, and quickly.
Spencer Thompson
CEO, Sokanu

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