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Work with the best employee benefits advisors across the country to get customized insurance plans and combat rising healthcare costs.

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Onboard new hires fast

Collect and track standard information for employees like address, phone number, start date, dependents, salary, emergency contact, etc., even add unique custom data you want to track such as a required industry licenses or training, permits, preferred Chipotle order, assigned key fob, laptop serial number, etc.

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Have employees automatically complete W-4, I-9, company forms, handbooks, training documents, OSHA vouchers etc. Employees receive alerts and reminders to review and sign anything assigned to them and access it all directly from anywhere.

New hires and existing employees will be compliant and working at their full capacity faster than ever before.

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Free HR Software that does the job for you

Automate your HR administration tasks and get more done. Track employee permits, licenses, training, and keep everyone’s info current. Handle employee onboarding, offboarding, open enrollments, paid-time off, payroll and more. All your HR docs and employee information in a single, modern, secure, cloud-based, central hub.

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Employees get an easy-to-use self-serve account that empowers them to complete all their HR tasks from anywhere, including: reviewing and enrolling in benefits, requesting time-off and updating their personal information.

More than just a database of employee information, Allay’s free HR software actually does the work for you.


Benefits Enrollment and Administration

Add and manage your existing plans from a single online dashboard. If you're looking for better options (or have never provided your employees benefits) expert advisors help you review and select plans that match your business' and employee's needs ensuring the right plan design and premiums for everyone.

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Easy for employers to shop for plans and create the benefits package they want and monitor enrollment and eligibility statuses. Easy for employees to view plan and pricing details, select what they want and enroll completely online and paper-free.

Everything is offered and administered from one place—medical, dental, vision, COBRA, FSA, HRA, commuter and more. Even provide employees peace of mind with easy-to-add life and disability options.

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Fast and secure signatures

Speed up onboarding and compliance by electronically signing documents and forms directly from your Allay account. It's as simple as uploading a form/document, defining areas that require information and assigning the form/document to employees to complete and sign.

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Create once, use many times. By assigning commonly used documents and forms to a template you can use the same document repeatedly, saving time, effort and paper.

Signatures in Allay are compliant under the 2000 U.S. Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN).


Expert Account Managers

A dedicated account manager will be there to answer questions, aid with your HR needs and provide advice for selecting and managing your benefits.

Payroll Support

If you have a payroll solution we can help administer it. If you're looking for a payroll solution we can help select the best solution for your business.

ACA Compliance

Automatically generate 1094-C and 1095-C forms, distribute 1095-C to your employees (as required by the ACA) and electronically file with the IRS.

Smart Reminders and Alerts

Ensure you and your employees complete requested tasks fast and on-time and never miss another enrollment deadline with our smart reminders.


Employee on-boarding, tracking everyone's info, and benefits management has always been too time-consuming. With Allay it’s just done, and quickly.

- Spencer Thompson, CEO, Sokanu
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