Get lower health premiums & greater coverage with customized plans for your company.

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Frustrated by the rising cost of health insurance?

Big companies use expensive consultants to save money and improve coverage using customized health plans. Since it takes too much time for consultants to do this for small companies, Allay uses technology to make the process more efficient to work with smaller companies.


Save 10%-40% on healthcare costs
by keeping unused claims money.

Using a self funded plan structure, you can keep premium money that hasn't been used for claims. Plus, with a custom stop-loss insurance plan, you can set a cap on your monthly and annual payments. We'll run ongoing claims analysis on your behalf and review your claims to help your employees use the hospitals and clinics that offer the best quality, while keeping costs down.

An easy way to set up, access, and manage self funded insurance plans.

Easily upload current plan information in whatever format you have and we’ll get you a custom quote. Automatically request missing employee information directly from each employee. Enroll and manage all your benefits online and get deductions pushed to payroll automatically.

Help employees actually understand their benefits.

They’ll get one place to access and manage all their plan information. An employee concierge at their service to help with: doctor and hospital selection, explaining confusing medical bills, setting up appointments and connecting with nurses and physicians who can answer questions over the phone.

Dedicated Benefits Consultant
Payroll Support
ACA Compliance
HR On-boarding & Off-boarding

Employee on-boarding, tracking everyone's info, and benefits management has always been too time-consuming. With Allay it’s just done, and quickly.

- Spencer Thompson, CEO, Sokanu
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